From fitness facilities to homes and from physical therapy centers to TV aerobic programs, exercise balls are seen just about everywhere and with good reason. Not only are they the most affordable workout devices but also they can be used to perform a range of diverse routines including exercise ball ab workouts

Then, there are a myriad of benefits to consider; exercise balls help in maintaining muscle balance, correcting posture, strengthening the core and in supporting the spine. In fact, an exercise balls is often the most potent equipment in the gym when you want to get those rock hard, well defined abs. So, whether you are trying to battle a bulging beer belly or work on weak abdominal muscles, here is how an exercise ball can help. 
How do exercise balls ab workouts help where all else fails? 

Appropriately named the core of your body, the midsection is a dense network of deep and superficial muscles that stabilize and support all your physical movements. Some of these deep muscles are very hard to target and even after judicious crunches and sit-ups you may fail to see conspicuous results. 

This is where exercise ball ab workouts can come to your rescue. When using a fitness ball, you practically work all the muscles in the abdominal area including the deep set muscular tissue even when which are targeted regular crunches and lunges. This means you get twice the bang for your buck when you make exercise balls a part of your workout routine. 

Tips for maximizing the efficacy of your exercise ball ab workouts 
Devote a few minutes to strengthening your pelvic floor muscles when working out with your exercise ball. While just sitting on the device is enough to activate these muscles, for added efficiency, try to clench the muscular tissue the way you would when trying to hold yourself as you desperately look for a bathroom. You should feel the tightness in the pelvic floor region; hold the position for 15 seconds before letting go. Do 1-3 sets of 10-15 reps each 

Like all other workout regimens, it is quintessential to get your form right when performing the exercises. While a little soreness is normal after a grueling workout session, if you are doing things right, you should not feel any pain. 
For greater results from your exercise ball ab workouts, keep the ball farther away from the core of your body. This helps to work the muscles harder as your body tries maintain balance. Exercise ball ab workouts that offer quick and stupendous results! The crunches: There are a plethora of ways in which you can do crunches with a fitness ball. As a beginner, it would be best to start with regular and elevated leg crunches 

For a regular crunch, start by lying on the ball with your lower back placed against its surface. Place your hands behind your head and roll your shoulders up, working your abdominal muscles. Hold position for a few seconds before lowering your body back on the ball. 

The elevated leg crunch is one of the more simple exercise ball ab workouts but it is incredibly powerful. You will have to lie on your back on the floor for this routine. Place the ball against the back of your thighs with your calf muscles on top of it. Now lift your body up; hold position for a few seconds before gently lowering yourself back on the floor. 

Once you have mastered these two movements, it is time to go to the next step. For the reverse crunch, you will have to lie on the floor again but this time your calves and hamstrings will have to be pressed against the fitness ball. Keep your arms spread open and as you squeeze the ball between your legs, lift your knees up towards your chest, holding your position for a few seconds before rolling back. 

To do the side crunch, lie on the ball on your side. Keep your hands folded across your chest and your legs extended out with the feet apart for balance. Raise your upper body up from the ball like you do when trying to get out of bed and back down after holding the position for a short time. 

The Extension: Try the extension by placing the ball under your hips and lower torso while keeping your knees stretched out straight or bent. Hold your hands behind your back and lift your upper body off the ball till your shoulders and your body are in a straight line. Maintaining proper body alignment is crucial in this routine. Hold position before slowly rolling down the ball. 

You can also do sit ups, roll outs, stretches, a host of crunches, squats, lunges and more with the exercise ball. Just about every regular movement you can think of can be made more powerful with the help of an exercise ball. 

However, remember to get your form right as the fitness ball is essentially an unstable surface. So, while you will be targeting more muscles with the very same routines, if you don't do things correctly, you also face the very real risk of injury. 

The biggest advantage of incorporating exercise ball ab workouts in your fitness regimen is that you will never have to worry about hitting a plateau. In fact, the sheer diversity of movement that can be achieved through the use of a stability ball will be enough to challenge yourself and work those muscles harder, week after week.

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